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Introducing the Gold Test by Golden Touch, the worlds first electronic Gold Tester, without the use of any liquids gels or acids. A gold tester so lightweight and portable that you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Testing gold with the Golden Touch Electronic Gold Tester is extremely accurate and can determine within seconds whether the metal that you are testing is real or imitation gold. The Gold Test device is very easy to use.

Using a special test strip that comes with the machine, its advanced electronics can determine with perfect accuracy whether the metal in question is gold or false gold. It also tells you how many karat the test metal contains if it is gold.

Once you determine that the metal in question is gold or false gold the Golden Touch Gold Test device can now, with a few turns of the knob determine how many karats are in the gold. Few Gold Testers can tell you with unquestionable accuracy if the gold is 9 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat, or 22 karat. The Golden Touch Gold tester device gives accurate karat readings as well as a clear determination if the tested jewelry is of solid gold or made of base metal and is only plated with a thin layer of gold. With gold prices what they are it is very important to know the exact karat as well as just whether the metal in question is real gold.

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how to test gold
Gold Tester

since 1981
The top quality electronic diamond tester.

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diamond tester

Diamond Tester Machine

The biggest advantage the Diatest Diamond tester has over all the other diamond testers out there is that the Diatest diamond tester can distinguish between real diamonds and moissanite, a popular diamond simulant. The Diatest is light weight, fast and easy to operate. Simply place the tip of the machine onto the stone and within a second the Diatest makes a sound and shows a green color for diamonds and a yellow color for non diamond stones.

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diamond tester
Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year product defect warranty. 9V battery included. Each Diatest also includes a handy bag and stand to hold loose stones.

Two Year Warranty

Discounted Price $138
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Take advantage of our package deal by purchasing the Golden Touch Gold Tester, and The Diamond Tester Together and we will give you 10% off plus a digital gold scale worth $25 free. Total price of the package deal is $230.

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Gold Tester, Diamond Tester, and Scale

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Have Questions about the Golden Touch Gold Tester? Read Our Question and Answer Section Below.

Q: How does the Golden Touch Gold Tester work?

A: The Golden Touch Electronic Gold Tester works on the molecular level using currents. Currents are drawn through the metal being tested. If the metal contains gold it will leave an imprint in the form of a very clear line as the gold is drawn across the test strip. The Golden Touch gold test is completely electrical so the jewelry will never be damaged or discolored from acids, liquids, or gels.

Q: Can Gold Testers by Golden Touch tell the differance between solid gold and gold plated?

A: Yes. The Golden Touch Gold Tests machine can tell between solid gold and gold plated. If the jewelry tested when making gold tests produces a long solid line when the Gold tester is in test mode than the gold is solid. Gold plated jewelry on the other hand will leave a short line. Jewelry with no gold at all will not leave any line.

Q: Do Golden Touch Gold Tests show gold grade and how?

A: Gold testers by Golden Touch show gold grade. First you would need to turn the knob until it is in test mode to determine if there is any gold at all. Once you have determined that the gold in question does contain gold, turn the knob to the highest setting (22 karat) and make a test. If a line appears that would mean that the gold you are testing is 22 karat grade. If a line does not appear then try the next setting (18 karat). If a line appears it is 18 karat. You will need to test any gold in question until a line appears. Then see what setting you are on and that is the karat in the jewelry. To understand how to test gold it is important to understand that low karat jewelry does not leave a mark on higher settings, but jewelry with a high karat would leave a mark on low karat settings.

Q: Does the Golden Touch Gold Tester damage the jewelry of the gold being tested in any way?

A: When testing gold with the gold tester by Golden Touch you will not damage the jewelry being tested no matter how delicate the jewelry is. There is no acids or liquids used ever when using a Golden Touch electronic gold tester. The gold tester uses a simple current to determine gold and gold karat.

Q: When testing gold the Golden Touch Gold Test machine leaves a colored line? What does this mean?

A: All machines sold after 2011 have a color chart added to make making gold tests easier. Gold with a higher karat will show a lighter orange color than gold with a lower grade. This is another way to determine gold karat which can be used in conjunction with the line test described above. It is easy to learn how to test gold quickly with Golden Touch. Machine comes with easy to read instruction booklet as well as a reference guide on the machine itself.

Q: Do gold testeres from Golden Touch differentiate white gold from silver?

A: If the gold tester comes in contact with gold it will show a line. If the jewelry is only silver no line will be drawn. As with all gold testers the only time the gold tester will not give a poitive reading is if the gold is plated with a non gold metal. Some jewelry is plated with Rhodium so the gold will not be on the surface of the jewelry and no line will appear. If the jewelry is mixed with with other metals to change the color of the jewelry to white the gold is still gold and the machine will draw a line when tested.

Q: How long do the Golden Touch Test Strips last?

A: Each test strip is reusable and may be used on both sides. When a test is made on the test strip and the metal in question is gold, a line will be made on the test strip. After a few hours this line dissappears so each strip can be used multiple times. Test strips are also sold in packets of 50 for $8.50

Q: Is the Gold Tester by Golden Touch fast and portable?

A: It is very fast and very portable. It comes with a 9v battery and is slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes. Extremely light and can be carryied in any bag or briefcase and can give you an accurate reading anywhere.

Q: Where are Golden Touch Gold Testers manufactured?

A: The Golden Touch Gold Testers are manufactured and distributed from New York City, America.

Q: Do you sell Diamond Testers?

A: We sell aDiamond Tester for $138. It is by Diatest. You may purchase both the diamond tester and the Gold tester which we offer as a package on this webpage for 10% off on both plus we give you a digital gold scale for free.

Q: What is the Golden Touch Warrenty?

A: Golden Touch Technologies offers a free two year warrenty on all parts that become defective

Q: If I dont like the product can I get my money back?

A: You have 30 days to try the machine and you will always be able to call the manufacturer for any questions. If for some reason you dont like the machine and you send it back in perfect condition you will get your money back minus shipping.

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